PalFur IN01In-depth Analysis of Features - Part 1: Machine Design

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Today, we will primarily discuss the design principles and underlying motivations behind the product, focusing on the following aspects:

    1.  Machine aesthetics-Machine Design(Part 1)

    2.  Machine's air intake and exhaust (Part 2)

This blog aims to showcase the design and contemplation behind the PalFur IN01's aesthetics.

Firstly, let me introduce the PalFur IN01.

The PalFur IN01 is a multi-functional pet grooming kit that was recently launched in June 2023. It is an upgraded version derived from traditional clippers, brushes, and other single-function grooming kits. It simultaneously fulfills trimming and shedding needs, with the fur being automatically collected. It is particularly suitable for pets that require regular grooming or those that experience heavy shedding at home.

Part 1: Machine Design

Before sharing the design of the PalFurIN01 machine, let me first show you the main designs available on the market and share with you the operating principles of the machine.

There are primarily two types of designs on the market:

 Left and right structure - Pill-shaped design

 Up and down structure-Cylindrical shape


What are the differences between these two structures?

The answer is none. When you place the machine in a cylindrical shape on the ground and rotate it in one direction, you will find that their structure becomes a left and right structure as well.
So where does the real difference lie?

We need to start thinking from a principle of this machine. A pet grooming machine is essentially a noise-improved device equipped with grooming accessories and a vacuum cleaner for pets.
Regarding the main body of this machine, there are two crucial features:
1. Heat dissipation and continuous working capability of the motor after prolonged operation.

To ensure the motor performs well during long-term operation, effective heat dissipation is necessary. However, in this aspect, almost all pill-shaped pet grooming machines currently available in the market fail to provide adequate support due to two main reasons:
  1.1 Pill-shaped machines generally have a smaller size, resulting in limited airflow contact between the casing and the motor, causing the motor temperature to increase rapidly during operation.

  1.2 To protect the motor from overheating, pill-shaped pet grooming machines often activate an automatic overheating protection mechanism, which can cause the machine to suddenly shut down during use. (This has been verified in the comments section of many pill-shaped products, therefore, I personally do not recommend purchasing machines of this shape.)


2. Continuous air intake capacity

To maintain a consistent airflow, it is necessary to provide sufficient motor heat dissipation capability and strong suction power for the machine to operate effectively.

Currently, cylindrical-shaped machines available on the market have not effectively addressed the issue of low airflow through their structure.  The main reason is that, for most cylindrical-shaped machines, the fur collection box needs to be enlarged solely for the purpose of achieving a more aesthetically pleasing overall shape, without considering better heat dissipation space based on the principles of airflow.  (At least, this is the situation in the current market.)


When PalFur IN01 was initially designed in 2022, what considerations were made?


PalFur IN01 is a machine with a left and right structure. Its key differences from other machines on the market include the following improvements:

Firstly, the overall volume of the casing that encloses the motor has been enlarged, thereby increasing the contact area between the motor and the air. This enhances the airflow entering the motor, improving the amount of air reaching the motor and accelerating the heat dissipation capacity during prolonged operation.

The following image shows a comparison between the motor and space of PalFur IN01 

The following images show a comparison between the motor and space of PalFur IN01 and other cylindrical-shaped machines.

Secondly, it is equipped with the widest cross-section hose available on the market, ensuring the smoothest airflow to the greatest extent.


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If you swipe here and  interested in our PalFur, you can click here to buy it.

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