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PalFur: Our Presentation on Quality Control 

Written by PalFur Team             updated on 17/06/2023             Reading time: 5 minutes

Based on the user survey we previously conducted, our team has learned that many pet owners would like to receive more quality assurance information about PalFur. Therefore, this blog post will address your questions and provide a detailed explanation of our product's quality control.


Who is PalFur?

PalFur is a young and passionate team driven by the idea of making dog grooming more convenient. AsPalFur IN01 is a new product that just hit the market in June 2023, so you will be a little unfamiliar with  IN01 quality testing. Therefore, let's introduce the content and details of the quality inspection of the PalFur team before delivery.

We checked more than 15 functional tests, and more than 20 tests on logistics, transportation, and national standards, and  conduct 100% functional tests and inspections at the factory before sending the product to the warehouse in each country for final shipment.

we show part of the IN01 factory report. To verify our sincerity and confidence in the quality of the goods.

This quality inspection report gives a detailed description of PalFur products, whether they meet the production standards, whether the equipment can be used normally and without defects, and the pictures of each attached product and the use results.

Every 200 products is a reporting sample group used for quality verification.

Our test suction is 10.5-12.2Kpa. The average machine suction force is 11Kpa.


We're not tolerate any of the following qualities:

We make sure that there is no missing of packaging and parts

We test all the accessories to make sure they work properly when you get them.We used 70% alcohol to wipe the place where our message is pasted to ensure that the message is also displayed normally.

In addition to the external accessories and functions, the circuit board and components inside PalFur are the most important, we need to ensure that our machine is  durable. Therefore, we will confirm that the internal components are working normally before being sent to the warehouse.


You can trust that each component has undergone rigorous testing, guaranteeing its reliability and durability. Leave your worries behind, as PalFur delivers on its promise of delivering a grooming kit that surpasses expectations in both quality and performance.

If you are interested in our entire quality report, we can send it to you via email at: service@palfur.com Our processes are 100% transparent to our customers.

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About PalFur's design,in addition to the common features on the market, what other breakthroughs have we made?

  1. Upper HEPA Outlet Filter

This feature is the only one we have in the whole market, and this is also the difference between us and most of the machines on the market. We are not willing to just make family pets more convenient, and we also hope that we can bring more consideration to avoid pet owners from becoming sensitive because of the flying of hair in the grooming process.

In most markets, the air outlet is at the bottom of the machine, but this structural design will allow the air with fine dust to enter the grooming room at a high speed again, resulting in uncomfortable feelings for pet owners in the grooming process.
We noticed and observed this, so we increased the development cycle of the structural design to let our air out from the top, and installed a HEPA in the place of the outlet that can block 99.7% of the dust.

2,Dual-air Channel Cooling System ,Directional Air Flow Design and Dual-layer Internal Noise Reduction

These three characteristics are actually one:

Our engineering team tried every means to improve the air flow of our machines and motors.

Here's a picture of how we compare to the best-selling products on the market. We have the largest market air flow cross-section. What does this mean? If the dog's hair gets tangled, it won't clog.

Because this is used closely with the pet's skin, we do not want this machine to be non-durable. We expect it to:
Durable, easy to use, simple to use

We investigated a lot of machines on the market, and they all have the following problems:

  1.  The machine current power is too high, easy to overheat, and then the machine can not start
  2.  The machine air flow is very poor, easy to overheat, and then the machine can not start again.
  3.  Hose can not be disassembled, the cross-section of air flow is too small, easy to overheat, and then the machine can not start again.
  4. The air flow of most market machines is chaotic, which also leads to the control of the air in the motor range of the machine is very chaotic, so it is easy to clog the hair, resulting in the machine's ability to accommodate hair is very low.
  5. (In our internal tests, we have 4 times as much hair as the average machine on the market, which is much more friendly for large sized dogs.)


    Many pet owners love our products! This makes us more motivated and enthusiastic.💗


    About Refund/Return/Warranty Policy:

    ●We stand behind the quality and durability of our grooming vacuum kit. If there are any quality issues, we offer refunds and returns. https://www.palfur.com/pages/return-warranty-policy

    ●Besides, PalFur offers a 1+1 year warranty extension, doubling the coverage for your peace of mind. Learn more at: https://www.palfur.com/pages/warranty-extend

    ●Our warranty covers motor damage, cracking, and accidental damages, ensuring your investment is protected.

    If you swipe here and  interested in our PalFur, you can click here to buy it.

    Any Questions to Ask?

    At PalFur, our motto is "Where Comfort Meets Unconditional Love," and we strive to create products that embody this philosophy. Your satisfaction and the well-being of your pets are our top priorities.

    If you have any other questions, please email service@palfur.com
    We want to hear your voice!

    With love
    PalFur Team


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