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Reviews By Influencers

 "PalFur Pet Grooming Vacuum is worth buying, if you want to reduce your expenses for grooming services, this product is the best solution for your needs."

 Clair Chesterman

For fur parents, grooming pets at home with scissors or clippers is impractical. But the PalFur Pet Grooming Kit is the most effective solution, addressing these concerns perfectly.


PalFur Dual-Air Pet Grooming Vacuum keeps furry friends looking and feeling their best with this powerful tool that makes grooming a breeze for pet parents.

PR Newswire

Elevate your dog’s grooming routine in 2023 with the best Dog Grooming Kit. Experience convenience and quality with PalFur at home.


Highly Recommended By Influential Pet Owners

@The Cricket Chronicles   17K subscribers

"Purrfection unlocked: Effortless trimming for dogs."
The perfect dog clippers, it can shave, deshed, and brush with NO mess! The perfect tool!

@ Tech Brothers   87K subscribers

"Explore endless possibilities with versatile grooming tools!" Achieving both pet hair care and household dust cleaning, it truly accomplishes multitasking with one device.

@Gone to the Snow Dogs  Reviewer

"Mess-free corners, perfect grooming."
It achieve immaculate corners as this pet grooming machine's hair vacuum accessory banishes all loose fur.

@Beagle Care   95K subscribers

"Transform Dog Grooming: The Ultimate Guide" 
Home grooming revolutionizes your pet care routine by saving time and money while effortlessly grooming and shaving.

@Kurtis & Chelsey   10.4K subscribers

"Groom like a pro, ultimate cat care."
Make your kitty look fabulous with their grooming machine and five nifty accessories.

@Pastorskinner   Reviewer

"Cut out the mess of grooming with this pet grooming vacuum!"
Experience hair-free bliss with the ease of the deshedding tool, effortlessly collecting pet hair.

@AdaywithDestiny   11.3K subscribers

"Fluff Master, Shedding Solutions"
Give us a HEPA Filter so that Chip and I feel comfortable

@RunRunDeals    Reviewer

"Versatile grooming, endless possibilities."
From fur to fabulous, elevate our dog's grooming routine with this range of beauty tools.

@CymyeMidori   11.8K subscribers

"Revolutionize grooming: Tame shedding and embrace a hair-free home with ease." 
It surprises with a triple filter system, a remarkable first in machine design.

@Sami Luo Tech   78.2K subscribers

"Dust-free clean, unmatched performance."
If you're a pet lover, this is a must-have: unbeatable dust capture and performance that can't be matched.

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